cPanel Features

client client All our Linux based hosting plan comes with following list of features:
Operating System: Linux CentOS 5

Web Server:

Apache has been most popular web server. Apache is a open source web server widely used for UNIX and Linux based operating systems. There is a great amount of modules created especially for the Apache server, which support various scripts and allow dynamic content to be run on the server.

Control panel features:

cPanel is designed with multiple levels of administration including admin, reseller, end user, and email-based interfaces. These multiple levels provide security, ease of use, and flexibility for everyone from the server administrator to the email account user. Using cPanel you can easily control each aspect of your hosting account like Email, FTP, databases, Files, Statistics, Script Installation and also security of your own account and site. All features provided in cPanel are user friendly and easy to use.

Top cPanel Features:-

client clientManage email

clientControl spam through SpamAssassin and cPanel’s exclusive BoxTrapper

clientManage files via FTP § built-in File Manager

clientManage databases using MySQL, PostgresSQL and phpMyAdmin

clientManage DNS and maintain full control over your zone files

clientView website stats

Options Provided in cPanel

This option allows you to handle all mail related operations like create email account, manage it, set forwarders and auto responders for it, create mailing list and all.

This option allows you to handle all File relation operations like creating file, older, editing it, uploading downloading data, creating FTP accounts, generating backups and all.

This options allows you to manage your site logs in different formats.

This option allows you to add and manage Addon, parked and subdomain names in your account along with the Redirects and domain name zone editors.

This options allows you to manage your databases, create databases and manage the Remote database access.

Software/Services :
This option provides you all the extra software and services feature like fantastico deluxe, Rvsite builder, CGI center and all.

This options provides all advanced settings for your account like cron jobs, Image manager, apache handlers and all.